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What we do

Garderos makes industrial-grade routers which are self-managing and cyber-secure. We work with our customers to make sure that their multi-site router projects are fully-functional and secure against cyber-attacks.

Our customers

Telecommunications operators

Traffic authorities

Electricity distribution network operators

Please consult the Products section of this website, for more details about products and services.

Please consult the Industry Solutions section of this website, for more details about application scenarios.

What makes us different

Reliability | Thanks to high-quality components, thermal engineering and multi-level watchdogs.

Manageability | Easy management and provisioning of large numbers of distributed routers.

Cyber-security | We fulfill the IT-security standards of Europe's largest telecommunications operators.

Service quality | We provide valuable IP-networking and Cyber-security technical services.

From our offices in Munich, Germany, we develop, manufacture and sell industrial-grade hardware and software solutions to our customers. Since our founding in 2002, we have delivered cyber-secure multi-site router projects to customers all over the world.