The turnaround in energy policy, smart meters ...
New challenges for the communication infrastructure of distribution system operators:

Intelligent power networks require secure and reliable data communications. Operation and metering points, e.g. in secondary substations, installed in rural areas are often not connect to copper or fiber communication infrastructure and retrofitting is economically not feasible. This leaves radio communication as an alternative.

The radio equipment, for example routers must be hardened for harsh environments (extreme heat and cold) and it must also be hardened against electromagnetic disturbances caused by the energy networks.

In addition management for hundreds or even thousands of routers is another challenge for operating personnel. It needs a system that is easy to handle and can be easily integrated into existing IP- and VPN-networks.

Power distribution networks are classified as critical infrastructure meaning that the requirements in regard to security are very high, especially for cyber security. Garderos has developed a product portfolio fulfilling those security requirements. Those products are already in use in many European power supply companies.

  • Casing designed for control enclosures and DIN-rail mounting
  • Wide range of input voltages (full 12 to 60 VDC)
  • Low power consumption (depending on type 4 to 15 Watt)
  • Supports nearly all radio standards (2G/3G/4G, CDMA450, LTE450) plus additional options like WiFi, xDSL and Fiber
  • Modular design/assembly (supports various operation scenarios)
  • Hard- and software watchdogs help reducing unnecessary onsite service to a minimum


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Case study Distribution System Operator, DSO (power)

Learn about how a distribution system operator (DSO) set up a secure communication infrastructure for transferring smart meter data. The data is transferred via an LTE network from the smart meter headend in the secondary substation to the central meter data management.

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Case study Transmission System Operator, TSO (natural gas)

Learn about how a transmission system operator (natural gas) set up a secure communication infrastructure for distributed telecontrol and metering systems. Most of the locations are connected by radio networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE). Some locations use leased lines by Ethernet or xDSL with a radio network fallback link.

Get the case study with project details and technical requirements for security and network management here: