Garderos routers enable fast and easy deployment of large scale telecommunication networks with thousands of routers, complex tunnel configurations, centralized monitoring and management. A central configuration server distributes the configuration files and firmware updates and displays the current state of the routers. Large networks with more than 10,000 active routers are in operation.

The GRS (Garderos Router Software) operating system used by all Garderos routers is designed for simple, secure and centralized router management in large networks. The configuration files are provided via secure connections via HTTPS. Authentication takes place via certificates and encryption with strong algorithms. By using only standards based Internet communication methods, the central configuration can be performed over all network technologies supported by the router, such as 2G/3G/4G, CDMA450, LTE450, xDSL, Ethernet or fiber.

GRS provides a unified, open interface for all routers. Those interfaces make configuration changes to thousands of routers a matter of minutes for the administrator. The underlying network technology remains transparent to the administrator. The open interface allows the routers to be easily integrated into existing networks and existing management systems. If there is for example and already existing database with location information for the network components, this database can be used to manage the Garderos routers.

Alternatively, Garderos offers a configuration server. It consists of an application server with SQL database, as well as servlets for the dynamic generation of the configuration files and an optional administration interface (GUI) for managing the routers.

Garderos provides router, configuration server and supports its customers during network setup through the following services:

  • Network planning
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Documentation
  • Training


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