Garderos GmbH celebrates its 20th Anniversary

From a spin-off of the ICN division of Siemens AG, we have become a strongly growing company over the years against some odds.

The fact that most of us have been part of the team for such a long time is just one of the reasons to be so proud.

Values such as fairness, trust and loyalty are part of our corporate culture and define our treatment of each other and our customers.

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Just as our name giver Gardeiros, son of Poseidon, watches over the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea together with his twin brother Atlas in Greek mythology, Garderos protects and watches over the network of critical infrastructures.


Garderos - Milestones in the company's history

Within Siemens AG, an innovative team has the idea of developing a product to control Internet access in WLAN networks.

2001 - 2002
Incorporation into the Siemens in-house think tank "Inkubator" and development of an access controller with hotspot management system.

Foundation of Garderos Software Innovations GmbH on 19 March, 2002.

2002 - 2008
Projects for WLAN access control, among others with the mobile communications division of Siemens.

2004 - 2007
Provision of SW routers which have been ported to the customer's own hardware.

Strategic decision to develop own router (SW+HW) for use in harsh environments.

2008 - 2018
Deutsche Telekom is the first corporate customer to use over 10,000 Garderos routers as hotspot access in its telephone booths.

2014 - heute
Development and successful commercialisation of hardened and long-life routers with central management in the areas of smart grid, traffic enforcement and mobile hotspots.

The complete Garderos product line is LTE450 (Cat-4 and Cat-M1) ready

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Hermann Knauer, CEO since 2008:

"The confidence of our customers in the capabilities of the Garderos team and the ability to implement their requirements for secure, high-quality and future-oriented router solutions has motivated us tremendously and turned us into what we are today".


Alfons Puhl, CTO and co-founder:

„Secure IP access at many remote locations is an absolute must in today's world to run critical infrastructures. Our focus is on developing hardened and reliable routers with long support times that allow customers to operate securely and reliably even with large deployments."

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In the coming tasks of the digitalisation of the energy transition and the development of future-oriented infrastructure and transport solutions we will be at your side.

We look forward to the exciting time that lies ahead of us all together!